X-Wing Night

Last night, a few local X-Wing players got together for an evening of games.  Going in, I knew about half of the people there, but I really liked the whole group.

What was particularly interesting to me in the course of our games, was in seeing new things.  Most of my games of X-Wing have been played exclusively with my own collection, which mostly includes the earlier ships, and doesn’t have a whole lot of variety.  Seeing newer things like the Hound’s Tooth, the Decimator and the K-Wing in action was really interesting.


I had intended to use two different approaches.  The first was a TIE Fighter swarm led by Darth Vader, and then a list with the Millennium Falcon and some B-Wings.  As it turned out, I really enjoyed the TIE swarm and just stuck with that for the night.

I ended up scoring three wins from my three games, all of which were hard fought and very close.  Sheer weight of numbers won the day, as I ended up fielding a lot more ships than my opponents.  Also. a lot of luck was involved.


I had a really good time with this and am keen to try and get more of this stuff going.  Ever since our Wednesday night RP sessions ended, I’ve not really been able to play many games outside of the club nights on Thursdays and the after school group I run.

Meeting more players and getting these sorts of evening going is something I am very, very keen on.  Our hobby is a social one.  Our games are face to face social experiences, and I’d like more of these in the (near) future.  Maybe Wednesday night RP needs to make a comeback, too.

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