Wyrd’s Monday Preview: Shadow Emissary

This week’s preview from Wyrd Miniatures is the Shadow Emissary for Malifaux.  The Emissaries are replacing the old avatars and look pretty cool.  This model for the Ten Thunders is particularly awesome:

Shadow Emissary

Nice, big, beautiful miniature that reeks of personality and fits the Ten Thunder perfectly.  I really do hope the other emissaries look this good.  The preview art of the Arcanist’s Emissary is particularly exciting, and since Malifaux models are always incredibly close to the artwork, I am really looking forward to it.

What’s really cool about this model is how close it is to Shenlong, the Earth dragon from the Dragon Ball series:


So cool.  I don’t even really use Ten Thunders, but I am tempted to pick this up and paint it like Shenlong.  If only I could find suitable miniatures for the rest of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z characters…

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