Wyrd’s Gencon Malifaux Pre-Release Extravaganza!

Gencon is upon us, friends, Gencon is upon us! As per usual, Wyrd Games have pulled out all the stops to make their pre-releases available not only at the con, but on their webstore for the duration of the con (through this weekend) for everyone who wishes to partake.

The biggest draw for me is probably the third book of second edition, Shifting Loyalties, which brings in campaign rules, avatars and some more new models:

Shifting Loyalities

I imagine many will also want to pick up the Dark Carnival, a limited Nightmare Edition set that may be used as an alternate Colette crew. The price is pretty steep for this limited run item, but the models are fantastic:

Dark Carnival

Here are the extended highlights, including The Crossroads Seven and some really nice crew sets. The Gremlins are particularly blessed and now feel a lot more fleshed out and complete as a faction. Ulix is also the first Gremlin master that I have actually been interested in! The riders are also beautiful. And Jack Daw. And Hamelin… Oh, whatever, just click the images for a better view:

Finally, continuing their tradition of doing alternate, female version of male models for Gencon, Wyrd are offering Miss Anne Thrope, an alternate Wastrel model, to those who meet the purchase threshold:


If you are interested in filling your boots, and are not afraid of international shipping, you can order up some pre-release Malifaux at Wyrd’s store. Usually I would embed a hyperlink into the text of my post, but I really like the URL Wyrd use for their store, so I am just going to pop the address right in here:


There are other items available too, including a new board game and supplements for Through the Breach.

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