Wrath of Kings to Release 2-Player Starter Set

Wrath of Kings has been around for a little while now, and I’ve long thought that the miniatures looked fantastic.  I’ve also been a longtime fan of the sculpts for Confrontation, the now-discontinued game from the now-defunct Rackham.  The fact that the publishers of Wrath of Kings, Cool Mini or Not, hired many of the artists and sculptors that worked for Rackham, and reportedly used some unreleased Wulfen miniatures from the Confrontation range is a major selling point for me.  That said, I have not jumped in yet.

As with most major miniatures games, Cool Mini or Not have stepped up and put out a two-player starter set that gives a great jumping-in point for new players.


As expected, the quality of the miniatures is fantastic, and I particularly love the Goritsi miniatures, which are clearly influenced by the Wulfen miniatures from the Confrontation range.  They are full of character and are wonderfully savage:


The set also includes some beautiful Nasier miniatures.  The set only contains 15 miniatures in total, so there are far fewer miniatures than you would find in the faction-specific starters, but this set, with an RRP of around £50, is also cheaper than those sets, and will let you immediately play the game.


The set is released later this week, with UK stockists listing the release date as the 25th of March.  I don’t think I will be picking it up at the moment, as I have more than enough to paint as it is, but this release has really drawn my attention to Wrath of Kings in a big way.

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