Wot I Have Been Playing

I arrived back in Scotland last weekend after a couple of weeks in Florida.  I had a fantastic holiday with my family and I came home shattered, but happy.  

This week has been visiting family and friends in the central belt and we head back up to the highlands tomorrow.  It will be nice to get home, even if I’ve really enjoyed being away.  

That said, what have I been up to over the past few weeks in terms of the hobby?  

I’ve played four games in the last few weeks.  Namely, these were Star Realms, Coup: Rebellion G54, DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil and Star Wars: Rebellion.  

Of these, Star Realms saw the most play.  I’d had the game for a while, but I had not gotten around to playing it.  It’s another deck-building game, which is a genre I love, and it has a really cool theme and artwork.  A big criticism of many deck-building games is the passivity of them – the lack of direct interaction between players.  This is resolved somewhat in Star Realms as players win by knocking an enemy’s health down to zero using the fleets and space stations they build.  I played a lot of this game in the evenings on holiday and was really surprised by how good it was, especially considering the very tight and compact nature of it.  A new favourite!  

As someone who loves Coup, I was excited to pick up Coup: Rebellion G54, a sequel/reimplementation of the original game.  I only got a few rounds of this in and it pretty much played like Coup.  This is not a bad thing, and I think the main reason I did not see much variety was from the fact that I only used the basic set of roles recommended for first time players.  When I get the chance to delve deeper into the game and try out new roles and different combinations, I expect to find more depth.  Again, not unhappy with this game, I’ve just yet to really go beyond what was in the original Coup game.  

Again, I love deck-building games, so I like the DC Comics Deck-Building Game.  When visiting friends one evening this week, they broke out the Forever Evil variant where you play as villains.  The game follows the same basic structure of the original game, so we were able to pick up the hame pretty quickly.  The challenge came in the change of focus to revolve around destroying cards and building power from the destroyed pile.  It was not what we were used to and so we struggled to build up a lot of power or momentum.  This made the game seem slow or underwhelming, but I think the problem was with our expectations and, now having a better grasp of the differences, we would not face the same difficulties.  

The last game of this holiday has been Star Wars: Rebellion.  The game is a reasonably heavy strategy game that sees the players take on the role of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire and basically play out the galactic civil war.  The game has a lot going on at once and has a lot of pieces moving around, but for a Fantasy Flight game, it’s not too busy.  I was really surprised by how well my wife took to this game, as although she loves a fair number of games, her preferences lie with lighter fare, such as Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan.  This one seems to have captured her though, and we can see potential im this as a gateway into more involved strategy games.  I have only played this twice so far, so I hope to have a bit more to say once I’ve played it some more.

That’s the round-up for the past couple of weeks.  Looking forward to getting back to the club this week and getting a few games in there!

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