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In my last post, I introduced you to the concept, background and some of the characters of Malifaux. Today, I’m going to expand a little on the rules and how the game actually plays. I’ll give a brief outline of the rules, then an account of my own experiences thus far, followed by a few examples of how different characters function.


Second edition Malifaux is a brilliant game that streamlines and simplifies a lot of the older rules. Some fans of the original edition(s) say that this oversimplifies the game, but as someone who has only really engaged with the game since the launch of second edition, I really like the flow of the game.


Malifaux models have six different stats represented on their cards.  Here is an example card:


Let’s take a look at what these numbers actually mean:

  • DF (Defence) – This one is pretty self explanatory and represents your model’s ability to fend off attacks. This the first of three defensive stats.
  • WP (Willpower) – Your character’s nerve and mental prowess. A mainly defensive stat, this lets you resist some spells and overcome the terror that so many of Malifaux’s residents instill.
  • WD (Wounds) – Basically, your model’s health points. This is the third defensive stat on the card. As expected, once this number falls to zero, your model is dead. Well, in most cases, but we will come to that later…
  • WK (Walk) – The distance your model may travel normally, measured in inches.
  • CG (Charge) – The distance your model may move once a charge action is declared. This may only be used to bring your model into contact with an enemy model.
  • HT (Height) – The relative height of your model. ‘2’ is considered normal for human-sized characters. The main purpose of this stat is in dealing with cover and specific abilities that only affect models of specific heights.

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