VGC Day 6: Most Annoying Character

How could this be anything but Quina Quen from Final Fantasy IX?  This character is just downright obnoxious.  So annoying!  Just look at her (his?) stupid face!


Look at it!  Look at it!


What is the actual point of this… thing?  The only thing worse than meeting her and having her in your party is realising that you inhabit a world where there is a whole race of the damn things!


Seriously, meeting Quina’s people is the one thing that will inspire you to let Kuja win.  Really, just stop.  Roll over.  World done.

Even mechanically, she annoys me.  She is a blue magic user, which in Final Fantasy terms means that she uses enemy skills that she absorbs.  I have never liked blue magic, so of course she uses it.

Arg!  This post has made me angry just thinking about that bloody lump!

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