VGC Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

Another easy one!  My guilty pleasure game is, hands down, Final Fantasy X-2.  The game is so stupid.  The story isn’t particularly good, the tone is all over the place and the whole thing is just silly.  It even starts with a music video:

The game is so dumb, and yet it is fun.  It really is!

I think a big part of what I like is the dress sphere system.  Yes, it gives the female protagonists get new powers based on what ensemble they choose to wear, like a hyperactive, J-Pop inspired Mr Benn, but it does resemble the job system of Final Fantasy V, which I love.

The game is also a visual treat, being so colourful and beautiful throughout.


So yeah, a critically panned and oft-mocked game, Final Fantasy X-2 does have a place in my heart.  It’s not smart, it’s not deep, it’s not even really coherent, but it is fun.  Surely that counts as something?  Surely I should not feel guilty for enjoying it?

Nah, I know.  I know I should feel guilty.

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