VGC Day 30: Your Favourite Game of All TIme

My favourite game is not one that I play a lot now, but I will still venture into it from time to time.  Yoshi’s Island is a perfect game that just exudes fun and whimsy, yet is still a challenging experience.


The game sees you taking control of several colourful dinosaurs as you carry a young baby Mario to safety through several worlds of increasingly obtuse obstacles.


As is typical in Mario games, each world has a feel of its own and its own set of challenges.  I particularly like the feel of the underground levels, some of which are very mazelike.  I particularly love all the little sparkles and the waterfalls in the background, which give more of a sense of depth to the level.


I love the mechanism of the game, with Yoshi able to paddle in the air and produce and throw eggs.  There are also a few stranger mechanisms, such as the returning birds that he throws from time to time.


I also love the unique mechanisms that some levels have.  This is mainly seen in boss battles, but the transformations into different vehicles are really cool as well.  I particularly like the car transformations.  My favourite boss battle is the bird one which takes place on a lovely little moon.  The backgrounds are just so beautiful and the fight is very different to any other.



The game is the most fun, whimsical, fantastic, amazing, compelling, challenging and magical games that has ever been made.  It keeps getting ported and re-released on Nintendo’s consoles, so if you have not played it, you really should.

Utterly amazing!

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