VGC Day 3: A Game that is Underrated

Eternal Sonata got decent reviews, but you never really hear anyone talk about it.  Despite this, it really is afun and whimsical RPG.

The premise is a little odd, with the whole game essentially being a dream, imagined by composer Frédéric Chopin as he lies on his deathbed.  The world he imagines is heavily influenced by his music and the events of his life.  I love that the attacks often take the form of musical abilities.

Here’s the trailer for the PS3 edition:

The game is good.  The battles are fun.  The story is whimsical, if ultimately a little sad given the context.

The entire game is a love letter to Chopin and to classical music in general, with loads of references throughout.  As an example, all of the playable characters are named after musical terms, such as Beat, Salsa, Viola, Crescendo and Falsetto.

The visuals are heavily stylised and cutesy in an anime style.  Because of their stylised nature, they have not dated too badly since the game’s release.

I just find it disappointing that more people have not played this beautiful creation.

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