VGC Day 28: Favourite Game Developer

Blizzard does not make bad games.  It really comes down to that kind of consistency.  They do not make bad games.  Blizzard do not create new genres, but when they create a new game, they reinvent and revitalise genres.  That is exciting to me.


They have six ‘current’ games, all of which I play or have played to some extent or another:

  • World of Warcraft: The most successful MMORPG out there, still going strong after more than a decade.  I have played since the original version, but now take long breaks between subscriptions.  It’s fashionable to hate on WoW, but it really was revolutionary and continues to be massive and hugely entertaining.
  • Starcraft II: This feels like a natural evolution from both the original Starcraft and the gameplay and style of Warcraft 3.  This is an amazing strategy game that is fascinating both to play and to watch as an eSport!
  • Diablo III: An excellent hack-and-slash RPG with procedurally generated dungeons and lots of style and personality.  This is the game I have played the least our of Blizzard’s current offerings, but it’s still fantastic.  I must admit that I prefer Torchlight II from Runic Games, though that title is largely based on earlier entries in the Diablo series.
  • Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard’s take on the MOBA genre – a genre that began as a fan mod for one of their own games, Warcraft 3.  I love the twists that Blizzard have added to this game, complementing their fantastic character roster with wonderfully varied maps, each of which plays in unique and interesting ways.  I spend a lot of time on this game!
  • Hearthstone: It feels like a stripped down version of Magic: The Gathering with a few twists thrown in.  This is one of the best games I have ever played on a mobile phone.  As a PC game, I can’t quite commit, but it’s just perfect on portable devices.
  • Overwatch: A game I am currently playing extensively, this is a fantastic team-based shooter that is bursting with personality.  I’m terrible at it, of course, but that does not diminish the game itself!

I just love this company and the games they make.

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