VGC Day 11: Gaming System of Choice

I’d love to list something cool here, like the SNES, N64 or Dreamcast, all of which were great (especially my beloved SNES), but I can’t.  I can’t list any console actually, as there is no better system for gaming than the PC.

No other system has such a range of titles, but the real selling point comes from the flexibility of the system.  The ability to run game mods and the availability of a huge range of indie titles make this the system for the discerning gamer.

There has also been a consolification of the PC with systems such as Steam and Origin providing integrated game launchers, stores and community features.  Were I looking for a box to put under my TV, I’d build a small form factor PC with a Blu-Ray drive and lots of networked storage.  Any games too beefy to work on this machine could stream through Steam from my more powerful desktop PC.

Speaking of my PC, here’s what it looks like in this lovely, red case:


After writing that, I really, really want to have a go at building a quiet little set-top box-style PC.  Resist!

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