VGC Day 10: Best Gameplay

This is a really open one, because gameplay hugely differs by genre.  It’s hard to compare a shooter, like Borderlands 2, and a strategy title, such as Planetary Annihilation, or a platformer, like Super Mario World, and a strange sports/driving hybrid, such as Rocket League.  With this in mind, I am going to pick a game that I keep coming back to for the fantastic gameplay.  I am also being really specific about why I go back to the game, as that can differ from title to title.  For example, I played World of Warcraft for the setting, but Grim Fandango for the story.  I played Star Conflict for the theme and feel of it, and a major factor in my playing the Borderlands franchise is the humour.  I play FTL: Faster Than Light purely for the gameplay.  Well, the music is really good too, I suppose…


This is a sci-fi roguelike game, which sees your ship and intrepid crew progressing planet by planet, system by system through a (mostly) hostile galaxy.  As you go, you fight enemy ships, gather scrap to buy upgrades to your ship in preparation for a final showdown with the huge enemy mothership in the final system.  The game is very difficult, but it’s so addictive and such a perfect little game.

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