VGC Day 1: Very First Video Game

The earliest video game that I remember playing was actually one of the true classics.  I speak of Super Mario World for the SNES.


To me, this remains the best Mario game ever made, and possibly the best platformer ever created.  The game has such range in the design of levels, particularly when you get to some of the secret levels intended to challenge the best of players.  The visuals are absolutely cracking as well, with some very fine pixel art that still holds up today.

I’ve bought this game several times now, what with all the re-releases.  Most recently, I picked it up when it was released for the 3DS store and immediately worked my way through the whole game and the secret areas.  I love how the game changes after you complete the Special Zone, with a new colour palette for the overworld and different enemy sprites.  Those Koopa Troopas dressed as Mario do look quite odd:


The game is an absolute classic and, with this as my first game, it’s really little wonder that I got hooked!

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