Trialling a Schedule

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Originally, I was posting every day on here, until that became unsustainable.  Then, there was a lengthy period of radio silence.  Now, I’m managing a couple of posts per week.

For the coming month (starting with yesterday’s post), I am going to try a new schedule, and see how it fits.  The plan is that main articles, which will either be longer pieces, opinion/editorial pieces or articles based on original hobby content (painting, game write-ups, etc) will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday.  Other than that, any impromptu shorter articles (Look at this cool release, sales and bundles, freebies, small image dumps, small link dumps) will be slotted in around those main, anchor articles.  Longer image or link dumps with significant commentary may find their way into the first category of posts.

Let’s see how that goes…

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