Tiny Boats

June 20, 2015 Off By Tavendale

As I continue on with my Malifaux models and my growing interest in RPGs, I have turned my eye to another game that I have had passing associations with in the past.

Dystopian Wars

I’ve been aware of Spartan Games, the company behind Dystopian Wars, for years. I tried out and enjoyed their sci-fi game, Firestorm Aramada, and actually have a couple of small fleets painted up for their fantasy naval game, Uncharted Seas.

The game is played regularly at my local club, The Northern Knights, where it is usually referred to as “Tiny Boats” and has amassed a decent following. The enthusiasm of my club-mates and the quality and aesthetic appeal of the gorgeous models has led to me finally giving in and picking up a fleet of my own – specifically that of the League of Italian States. To get me started with a flexible and robust force, I have ordered a Naval Battle Group, an Aerial Battle Group and a Support Group.

Italian Naval Battle Group

Italian Aerial Battle Group

Italian Support Group


I really like these models, particularly those from the Aerial group which really stand out to me. Their flying carrier is particularly nice and I really like the airships.

I will post some pictures when the models arrive, and I am really hoping that they will be here before next weekend so I can use the ships at our club’s Dystopian Wars event next weekend. I have been assured that if the model do not arrive on time, models will be made available for me to use, but it’s always nicer to use your own models, isn’t it?

Next step: choose a colour scheme and order up an appropriate spray paint!