The Show That Was Not Shown: Star Wars Detours

So, apparently lots of people knew about this unreleased Star Wars comedy series called Detours that was announced in 2012, developed by the Robot Chicken guys, and then shelved in 2013 after Disney bought Lucasfilm.  I did not know about it.

Having a peek at a few of the video that were released online, it does look a lot of fun.  Supposedly, there were 39 fully finished episodes ready to go.  I’m not sure how sustainable the show would be, or how good it would be stretched out over half an hour or so on TV, but if these trailers and clips are antyhing to go by, we’ve missed out majorly!  Here’s the trailer:

The show was supposedly set between episodes 3 and 4, showing a semi-finished Death Star and what Han, Leia and Obi-Wan might have been up to if Star Wars had been a bit more farcical.  I love the clip they released of Han and Chewie as being like an old married couple:

And as for old Ben Kenobi, he seemed to be doing pretty well for himself, as well:

I’d love to see a DVD or digital release of this in the future, since I really don’t think Disney are likely to put this on TV if they already haven’t.  That said, it might just be that they were reluctant to put a show about the old characters whilst ramping up to releasing their new films with their own cast of new characters.

I dunno, but either way, I’d love to see the full episodes of Star Wars: Detours.

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