The Resistance: Adventure Time (Print and Play Design)

As a big fan of The Resistance, I own both the original version of the game and the more recent The Resistance: Avalon.  Recently, I decided to have a go at making my first print and play game.  It didn’t take long to design the various components for this game, with the only fiddly bit being the tables on the game board.

What took a lot longer was actually putting the game together.  Lots of cutting.  Lots of glueing.  Plenty of going around the edges of the tokens with a black marker.  The only think I’ve not yet finished is the board, which still needs laminated.

Overall, I am really happy with the results and wanted to share them here:

I’d like to do some more Print and Play stuff in the near future.  One thing I am considering is a set of Super Metroid Triple Triad Cards.  There’s a nice set sitting on one of my other blogs that a contributor made.  You can find them over at Triple Triad Cards.

3 Comments on "The Resistance: Adventure Time (Print and Play Design)"

  1. Hi,
    Looks great but on Triple Triad card site downlaod was not avalaible,

    • I can’t really put the whole game up for download as I don’t own the game. Would be a bit of a dick move if I just gave away copies of The Resistance :/

  2. oowwwwm its so preeetyyy *.*
    Please cant you send to mee ?
    pleaase! I’m from brazil and here do not have the original game to sell!
    it’s sooo preeety!

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