The Crossroads Seven Preview

Wyrd have released a preview of their new story encounter box for Malifaux, The Crossroads Seven. The box is themed around a band, with one member representing each faction and, in turn, each of the seven deadly sins:

Crossroads Seven

The box is usable with both Malifaux and Through the Breach, including scenarios and adventures for both, and the models are also all mercenaries, allowing you to take any model in any faction (with the 1 stone merc tax).

Visually, the models are pretty damn cool, with the highlights for me being Lust (is it just me, or is there a Lindsey Stirling vibe going on there?), Envy and Greed.

I hope that as Wyrd mop up the remaining unreleased models and bring out the much smaller number of wave 3 models, they continue to release characterful, fun packs like this to keep the game interesting. It’s also cool that it supports both of their Malifaux-themed games and acts in itself as a promotion for Through the Breach.

I’m hearing that a September release is likely, but it should also be available during GenCon this month.