Teaser Trailer Released for World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard have unveiled the teaser trailer, and an accompanying feature overview, for the new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion. The story returns the focus, for the first time since Burning Crusade, to the Burning Legion.

Thematically, this could be interesting, but once against pits the Horde and Alliance against a greater common foe. Threat is important. The world (of Warcraft) should be in peril. It should feel like you are a hero, saving the world (of Warcraft). The downside of all this is that it kind of takes the war out of Warcraft. It takes the focus away from the classic struggle of Alliance against Horde. Yes, there will be PVP, and there will be plenty of quests which see you acting against the other faction, but the focus will be on combined efforts to defend against the legion.

Some of the new features look cool. Specifically, the Demon Hunter class and relic weapons seem interesting, as does the expansions of followers and, one assumes, strongholds.

I am not currently playing World of Warcraft, but I’ll keep and eye on how this develops since I will, at some point, inevitably reactivate my account – again.

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