Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter Announced

Soda Pop and Ninja Division have announced awesome things to empty my wallet and add to my painting queue. These various things will all come under the umbrella of the Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter campaign. Woo and yay!


This seems to a big push to expand upon the new ruleset released with Forgotten King. First on the docket is Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition, which seems to be an updated version of the original boxed set, complete with the new rules, reimagined tiles and some new sculpts. Soda Pop says:

Super Dungeon® Explore: 2nd Edition, features new sculpts of the nine classic Heroes, all new kobolds, drakes, Rex the kobold ogre, and Starfire the Ruby Dragon. The classic Dragonback Peaks tiles have been updated and reimagined, featuring all new stunning art, to bring them in line with other 2nd Edition tilesets from Forgotten King, Von Drakk Ghost House, and Dungeons of Crystalia. To further increase replayability, all monsters come with multiple profiles. Battle shadow kobolds from the depths of the Nether Rifts, elemental drakes from the Fire Flows, a mighty armored kobold ogre, among others!


The second item is The Midnight Tower, a new level expansion. Soda Pop explains that this set will have a load of new enemies and a few new heroes:

Armies of baroque-armored Nether Elves issue forth from the corrupted Tower of the Goddess. Within their ranks, cursed Spider Speakers summon scuttling hordes of spiders, spinning webs of shadow and poisoning their foes. Alongside them march powerful Knights of the Tower on spectral steeds, while Tower Stalkers lurk in the shadows weakening the mightiest Heroes, before their fellows strike the final blow. Three new Heroes take up the call to adventure: the rugged Hearthsworn Tincan, sneaky Cat Burglar, and brutal Riftling Warrior.


The final – and most important – item is the titular Super Dungeon Legends:

Legends introduces progressive campaign play to Super Dungeon® Explore. Heroes battle through adventures earning crystals to spend on powerful new skills and abilities. Advance in class to unlock even more powerful versions. Dismantle your loot and treasure to craft bizarre and wondrous new items, under the watchful gaze of the Golden Eye of the Goddess. Two new and powerful dice are introduced—Citrine and Amethyst—providing new possibilities to combat. New smaller dungeon rooms and hallways make their debut, increasing the diversity of dungeon layouts. If you have always wanted to roleplay in the world of Super Dungeon®, Legends provides rules for narrative adventures, nonplayer characters, and out-of-combat skills. An all new world guide further expands on the realms, races, monsters, and personalities of Crystalia.


This is a very exciting addition to the game. I love games with campaign systems and progression built in, and the idea of doing this with Super Dungeon Explore is very exciting. I’m looking forward to having a rummage around in the Kickstarter campaign when it surfaces and am really curious as to what they have planned for the stretch goals this time. The last set of goal were great, but quickly became expensive as I snapped everything up! I’ll let you know when the campaign begins.

The full release can be found by clicking here.

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