Steam Sale: Square Enix Publisher Weekend

Steam has another publisher weekend going, and this time it’s for a company that used to have a real place in my heart.  This weekend, it’s the turn of Square Enix.

Back when I first fell in love with the company, it was before the merger with Enix.  They were just Squaresoft.  They were best known for producing the Final Fantasy series of games, but I also had a lot of love for some of their other projects.  I loved their fighting games, like Ergheiz and The Bouncer, and I really loved the Front Mission series.  Even before the merger, Square was leaning towards flashy games heavy on FMV.  After the merger, this continued, with a move away from the stylised characters of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX (I leave our earlier titles due to graphical limitations) and more towards the realism first seen in Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X.  All titles since have followed the same dull, dull pattern.

The acquisition of Eidos expanded the companies interests beyond the RPGs for which both Squaresoft and Enix were known, and gave them the rights to several action series, such as Tomb RaiderJust Cause and Hitman.  This makes the contents of this deal very diverse – there really is something for everyone.

There’s also the chance to re-purchase the same for the eighth or ninth time.  I speak of the earlier titles in the Final Fantasy series.  They are, of course, fantastic, but how many times can Square Enix port, adapt and re-sell these games before people have finally had enough.  It’s something they have been doing since the 90s.  These titles, as ever, are also present in this deal:

square enix ff recycling

I do encourage you to load up your Steam client or hop over to the deal page on Steam’s website.

I have picked up a handful of titles in the sale, myself.  Two of these – Mini Ninjas and Quantum Conundrum – are games that I used to love on consoles and am looking forward to resuming now on the PC.  I’ve been looking to try out Hand of Fate for a while, as I love deckbuilding games, and similarly, I’m keen to try any new entry in the Front Mission series, and so have picked up Front Mission Evolved.  Just taking the punt on the other two:

Square Enix Basket

Have a nice weekend, with or without Square Enix!

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