State of the Blogs: Stats and Thoughts

I find blog stats interesting.  I currently write on three blogs, and I have also written on a fourth which is now defunct.  I don’t run adverts – though I would consider it if I felt it were worthwhile – so stats are not hugely important to me.  Although my motivation for blogging is to share my hobbies and interests with a larger community, it’s natural that you want to know that what you put out there is being read.

Below are monthly stats for,, and the now-defunct  In each case, you can hover over the image to reveal the name of the site that the stats apply to, and I will provide some commentary below them:



In general, I’m happy that I’m getting a good number of views across the board and a fair number of visitors, but it’s interesting to see the difference between the sites.  Triple Triad Cards and the very new No Rerolls both get a lot of views from a much smaller number of visitors.  This means that people are visiting these sites and exploring the content, browsing deeper into the archives and pages.  This is not that surprising with Triple Triad Cards, given the visual nature of the content.

Hit Somebody and World Hopping have visitor numbers far closer to the number of views their receive, meaning that people tend to come for the one article and then move on.  There are exceptions, but that is the trend.  It’s also something I am looking to address by making better use of the archive, linking back to older, relevant articles where possible.

Putting aside World Hopping, one of the issues I have across the remaining three blogs is the lack of comments and interaction.  Ultimately, these blogs are an expression of the writer’s thoughts, but I do feel that I want to open discussions.  Hit Somebody got one comment last year and 5 so far this year.  No Rerolls has garnered a single comment in the short time it has been around.  The most successful of my blogs in terms of discussion has been Triple Triad Cards, with 45 comments last year, but only 2 so far this year – mainly down to a lack of updates, I expect.  I am making a more conscious effort to interact with other blogs to bring in more traffic, followers and comments.  This has seen some success in the short time I’ve been doing it, and has also led to me discovering some pretty cool blogs that I really enjoy, such as The Kind DM.

One final, general goal is a better use of tags to promote my content.

Hit Somebody

Last year was a big one for Hit Somebody, seeing views go from a little under 2000 views to a little under 9000.  Visitors rose by similar proportions.  So far this year, we’re on track to meet the same sort of numbers.  2015’s numbers also include a significant bump in August and September, largely due to a flood of traffic around GenCon.  I was not at GenCon, but I did post about it quite a bit and shared some of the news coming out of it.  More recently, coverage of AdeptiCon produced a smaller bump, helped along by a link from AdeptiCon itself.

I’m happy with how Hit Somebody is going, and how I am using the site is evolving.  A recent – and ongoing – series of articles on video games has also taught me an important lesson on the type of content I should be producing.  The articles are quite shallow and, in most cases, don’t really say anything.  I am finding that, with a few exceptions, I don’t have a whole lot to say about video games and, as such, I don’t expect to be doing a lot of this content going forward, unless it’s something I am particularly enthused over.  This observation will be the subject of a post here in the near future.

As mentioned above, the closer correlation of visitors to view suggests that when people visit, they do so for a specific article and then leave.  To build on this, I will make better use of links to the archive to encourage people to explore a little more.

Triple Triad Cards

This blog took off very quickly in terms of views.  I think the niche appeal of the content was a big factor, helping it rise to the top of Google Searches quite quickly.  This theory is confirmed by the continued number of views in spite of the lack of updates this year.

This site has been the most effective in fostering discussion, with 47 comments in the year and a half that the site’s been running.  I’ve seen traffic coming from Facebook, TTAdvance and Reddit.  The most popular section is the AutoCard page, which has a really useful Photoshop script for making custom cards.  I’m glad that people are seeking out and using this tool.


No Rerolls

Having only been around for a month and a half, I can’t really expect too much from No Rerolls.  Thus far, the bulk of the content has been created by me, but the group around the blog is starting to come together and I hope for more varied content in the near future.

In terms of the types of content produced, I’m really looking to experiment on this site, as I mentioned in the inaugural post.  So far, I’ve stuck to that, with two particularly successful posts featuring a review written entirely in verse and a subsequent audio recording of that review.

I’m happy with the progress we’re making on this site and I’m actively looking for more ways to attract new readers and encourage discussion.  I am very much enjoying writing for No Rerolls.

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