Star Conflict is Awesome

Over the past few days I have been playing a free to play (read: freemium) space combat game called Star Conflict. I was actually looking for a game that recaptured my love of the classic space sim, Freelancer. Star Conflict does not do this. It has very similar combat, which is great, but lacks the free-roaming, trading element. It does do combat exceedingly well, though…

Here is a quick video of a PVP battle I took part in the other day. You can tell when I get frustrated by the slow-moving frigate I started the game with, as I switch to a smaller, more nimble interceptor:

I love that the different classes of ship play so differently. The diversity really helps. It is one of the best PVP experiences I have had in a while, alongside Heroes of the Storm.

Heartily recommend this game!

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