Review: Wyrd Chronicles 19

The latest issue of Wyrd Chronicles came out a few days ago and whilst we don’t get all the cool Gencon previews that we got in the last issue, it’s still a good read.



The foreword to this issues is written by Wyrd’s Aaron and manages to cover a lot in quite a small space. There are two highlights for me, the first being a quick recap of the past year for Wyrd:

This year we saw the release of all the Crew Boxes for Malifaux and the first expansions for Through the Breach. We had a new board game released, Darkness Comes Rattling, launched a new website, and started up a podcast. It was an eventful year, and I couldn’t be happier.

He goes on to give some more information about the upcoming game, The Other Side:

While The Other Side is set on Earth and is set concurrently with Malifaux, the two games are different, allowing us to explore a different type of game. Where Malifaux is a skirmish game, The Other Side focuses on larger battles. This distinction alone brings a wealth of possibilities and stories to the game.

On the one hand, this means that my hopes of a Warmahordes-style cross-compatible game system have been dashed, but it also opens up the possibility of new and exciting game experiences from a company I have come to love over the past year.

Why Won’t You Die?!

An article on dealing with tough models in Malifaux. What I like about this article is that it addresses a point that is almost unique to Malifaux: Do you need to kill it? With Malifaux’s focus on fulfilling specific objectives within the game, you will rarely have to actually kill a particularly tough and troublesome model. Even when a killing-focused scheme or strategy is rolled, you can opt to choose another. That this choice is secret, your opponent may even feel pressure to protect their big expensive model. Adrian, who wrote this piece, then goes on to offer advice in neutralising and/or killing the model in question before looking at a few specific models which may cause some problems. He specifically looks at the Horsemen, Ashes and Dust and the model I immediately considered when I started reading this article, Killjoy.

High Stakes

A tense card game descends into classic Malifaux-style surreal violence. A good story that starts with a slow build. It’s not my favourite piece of Malifiction, but it’s a decent read.

Off The Rails

This Malifaux Story Encounter is a really cool scenario themed around the building of the railroad. It would be a particularly cool scenario for a Mei Feng rail crew. One side tried to build a railway line across the map whilst the other tries to destroy, divert or vandalise the line. Very cool. Very thematic. A lot better than the encounter from the last Chronicles which was really just a puffed up advert for the new Gencon model.

Playing With Fire

A painting article about Kaeris. The painting tutorial is really good, with detailed step by step images and I particularly liked the details about the scenic base. Here are some images from the article:


The finishes product is fantastic, and the artist does a really good job of breaking everything down into manageable steps. It’s always interesting to see how others approach this side of the hobby.

The Whispering Affair

A Through the Breach one-shot adventure. I just don’t know enough about this game to really comment all that much. The story seems cool and everything is broken down really well for the Fatemaster to deliver the adventure. Consequences are made clear for specific outcomes and rewards are adjusted accordingly. I don’t know, I just don’t have the knowledge or experience to appreciate this one as much as I should.

Misaki Versus Molly

A battle report. The battle itself was interesting and I liked that the scorekeeping was quite typical of Malifaux. There was no scoring at all until turn three, and then it looked like Molly was going to stomp to victory with 6 victory points to Misaki’s 3. The final tally following the conclusion of the game itself was quite different. The way that both players reflect on the game and their actions is also useful, giving better context to the decisions they made. I’m not the biggest fan of reading battle reports but, as they go, this is a

Ram in the Thicket

Another story. I much prefer this one, looking at foundry workers from the 12 Thunders, to this issue’s other story. I particularly like this little snippit from the foreman:

“Nightmares are just nightmares. They don’t come into the real world, so get your courage back and take it with you to the assembly line,”

I wonder how many people in Malifaux rock themselves to sleep at night whilst telling themselves the same thing…


Some details of an event that will run from the start of September until the end of November. The Malifaux side will focus on battles in the badlands with faction prizes of nightmare models and next year’s Gencon exclusive model. The Through the Breach side will consist of three one-shot adventures with pre-generated characters. The prizes for this side of the event will include one of the pre-generated characters being made into a model and the event will also have a lasting impact on the story and direction of Malifaux. I liked when Games Workshop used to run events like the War for Armageddon, Dark Shadows and Storm of Chaos campaigns, so I’m looking forward to how this turns out. It seems to be run by Henchmen, so I won’t have much access to the event from my current location, but I do watch with interest.

In Summation

A good issue of the Wyrd Chronicles. I enjoyed reading it, but I didn’t like it as much as the previous issue. The stories weren’t quite as interesting, but the encounter was far better this time, and ties nicely into the themes of one of my favourite crews.

The issue ended with a few pics from Gencon:



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