Review: Warlord Games’ Bolt Action Website

Review: Warlord Games’ Bolt Action Website

August 14, 2015 0 By Tavendale

So, looking at the new (well, it’s new to me) website that Warlord Games has put up for Bolt Action, it makes me wonder why you don’t see more of this.



The new site is completely and utterly aimed at someone who is not only new to Bolt Action, but to miniature wargaming in general. To me, this is a good idea and the site does a good job of breaking down the basics, explaining what you need in order to get started, how to go about collecting an army, a very cursory outline of how a battle works (more on this later), some suggestions on what to purchase and how to paint your new models. The inclusion of a video to help with building and painting the multi-part plastic models is also a helpful detail.

bolt action

As I had already mentioned, this is a great site for new player, walking you through the basics of collecting and playing a miniature wargame one step at a time. There is not much here for more experienced gamers, but the links along the bottom will take you to some useful resources including the main Warlord website, their webstore, a directory of Bolt Action articles and an interesting battle report between a veteran Bolt Action player and someone who, although not new to wargames in general, is new to this game.


I would love to see more sites like this pop up for other games. In the case of Warlord, Bolt Action was the best choice for this treatments as it is more focused than their Hail Caesar line and holds more mainstream appeal than Pike and Shotte. Perhaps Games Workshop would benefit from a similar site for their games. There are still people who are interested in starting out in Warhammer – just last night a new person wandered into our local games club to enquire about joining and learning to play 40K. Maybe the smaller companies would benefit from this, companies like Spartan Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Corvus Belli or Privateer Press. Anything to get new blood in and make it as easy as possible for people to take up the game.

As a tool for showing new gamers, this site is pretty much ideal and can be found at