One World of Darkness

One World of Darkness

December 23, 2015 0 By Tavendale

I’ve never been more excited about a corporate restructuring/aquisition in my life! Rebranding has never been so appetising! I am more excited about this than about Star Wars!

Ok, so the new White Wolf guys (CEO Tobias Sjögren and Lead Storyteller Martin Elricsson) have spoken about their intentions for the company moving forward, now that the corpse of the company has been bought by Paradox from those Icelandic murderers at CCP. There are now White Wolf employees for the first time in a while…

I’m going to start by linking the video:

I like their passion and I like that they want to rebuild the old/class World of Darkness in the 21st century.  I like that they intend to link everything together into one metaplot, which never really happened before beyond the big three games of Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension.

What makes me a little nervous is the lack of affection shown for the new World of Darkness, which they intend to rename Chronicles of Darkness – which does make sense. I prefer the new stuff, so it would be a real pity if they let it fall away, especially the more unique lines like Changeling: The Lost, Promethean: The Created and Demon: The Descent. But then, they are doing second editions, so we’ll see.

More LARP (Live-Action Role Play) material and official events sound good. It’s not my thing, really, but it’s an important part of what made White Wolf what it was.

On partners, the lack of exclusive deals opens the way for potentially patchy products. Previously, Onyx Path have pretty much had an exclusive deal, so it’s a pity for them. That said, at least they were finally mentioned! So relieved and I hope they are kept on because for the last few years they have been World of Darkness when White Wolf was just an empty shell owned by the arseholes at CCP.

I loved the video at the end, bringing the concept up to date. The Vampires are shown to be continuing Jyhad through human pawns. The Werewolves are angry at continued ecological destruction. The Mages are frustrated at modern apathy. Set a tone. I wonder what the Chngelings, Mummies and Wraiths would say?

White Wolf seem to be out of torpor and are feeding and gathering their strength. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming up from them.

Also, on video games… I don’t care.