Oh, Look… More Munchkin… Super…

I’ve posted at length about it before, and more briefly in the past week, but even if I do sound like a broken record I would like to just have one more quick word about shovelware.  This time, it’s the latest edition of (what else?) Munchkin.  This time, it’s based on The Nightmare Before Christmas:


I think it is indicative of the recognised success of the Munchkin line that Steve Jackson Games are now not only using licences and adopting art by people other than John Kovalic, but that they are allowing other companies (in this case, USAopoly) to develop variations on their games.  USAopoly is a particularly interesting choice in partners as almost everything they make could be described as shovelware.  At the time of writing, they have 33 Monopoly variations and accessories on their website, along with 8 versions of Risk, 7 versions of Clue/Cluedo, 5 version of Bang!, 7 versions of Trivial Pursuit (though I do insist that this is not an actual game) and 16 versions of Yahtzee.  The Firefly edition of Yahtzee does come in some nice packaging, though:


Returning to this new edition of Munchkin, I find The Nightmare Before Christmas to be an interesting but surprising choice.  The film is 22 years old this year and there’s no word of a sequel.  It could be a Halloween tie-in, I suppose, but surely there are more culturally relevant properties that could be used.  Or it could be that USAopoly recently secured this particular license and it now milking it for all it is worth by putting out whatever shit it can plaster Jack Skellington’s face onto.

Or am I being cynical?

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