Oh, Look, a Kings of War “Ratkin” List…

Mantic have added a new PDF to the Kings of War section of their website. The PDF contains beta rules for a new army of ‘Ratkin’. Huh, I wonder who saw that coming? I wonder why they are putting out a list like this without any models to go with it… Oh, wait, there’s always the Warhammer Skaven Range:


Coyness aside, with the implosion of Warhammer, at least as it pertains to mass ranked-up battles, Mantic would be foolish not to capitalise on this potential new source of customers coming their way. To my reckoning, the Ratkin (read: Skaven) are one of the only armies that can’t really be represented using Mantic’s existing rulesets, so here they are. It’s amusing to read the list itself and look at the somewhat desperate renaming of units to avoid encroaching on Games Workshop’s IP:


What can I say, it tickles me. I do wonder if Mantic intend to release Ratkin of their own, as I do quite like the sci-fi versions they have for Warpath and Dreadball. I’m also looking forward to finding out, in the coming months and years, just how successful Mantic are in capitalising on the changes to Warhammer and growing the Kings of War player base.

The full rules as they stand can be found on Mantic’s free rules page.

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