New League of Legends Commercial is Fantastic

I was flipping through some videos on YouTube and a really cool advert for League of Legends came up at the start of a video.  It really caught my attention, so I watched the whole thing instead of skipping.  Riot have really produced a fantastic advert for their game, that showcases not only the product itself itself but the community around it.  They showcase the players and those who express their fandom through fanart and cosplay.

Here’s the advert itself:

I don’t really play League of Legends any more, though this is less to do with a dislike of that game, and more due to a preference for the similar game, Heroes of the Storm.  Watching this, I am tempted to dip back in for some ARAM or Dominion.

This is the sort of advert we need for online games that are community based.  World of Warcraft is another title with a creative community that would really benefit from a similar treatment.

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