New Large Buildings from Warlord and Sarissa


Sarissa Precision Ltd, a company specialising in laser-cut MDF, has released a new set of buildings in partnership with Warlord Games. The English Timber-Framed Range is really quite impressive, with a wide range of buildings and accessories.


The real highlights of this range, however, are the larger buildings such as the Manor House (below) and the Coach Inn (further down). Substantial buildings, they are very impressive and if completed to Sarissa’s usual standard, they will make great addition to any collection or gaming board.



The prices are quite reasonable, with the smaller buildings costing around £10 to £20, larger buildings at around £40 and the largest at £55 to £60. I am sorely tempted, once I clear my current backlog of unpainted buildings (read: all of my buildings) to pick up the Manor House or Coaching Inn for use in games of Malifaux or other Skirmish games.



The range can be found on Warlord Games’ website where any any order about £50 will also currently bag you a free model of Napoleon Bonaparte!


This offer lasts until the end of June.