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I have added two new pages to the site.  These are the Favourite Articles and My Collection pages.  You can click those name to go straight there or read below for a little more information.

The My Collection page is pretty self-explanatory, linking to my Board Games and RPG collections.  I will also be working to add my miniatures to this page, but that will be added in the future and over time.

favourite articles top

The Favourite Articles page is just a list, with links, of the more meaningful articles on this site.  Generally, all of the meatier pieces are in there, or any other article that I feel really happy with.  I will also be adding a sub-page that will link to other things I have posted elsewhere that I am proud of.

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  1. I checked out your RPG collection and I’m very impressed and jealous! Just a quick question, though. How long did it take you to make your collection so big? I’m asking because I started playing RPGs fairly recently and I only have a handful of books.

    • I picked up my first books in high school in the form of some D&D stuff and Vampire. It was a few years before New World of Darkness came out, so probably around 2001, maybe 2002. So 15 years.

      Nowadays, most of my books come from eBay, as I really love the out of print World of Darkness stuff.

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