Music Video Monday: Wishin’ Boot (SNL Cast)

SNL have done loads of great songs over the years, but this is one of my absolute favourites.  Blake Shelton and the SNL cast belt out a country and western ode to the great and powerful Wishin’ Boot:

The whole thing is fantastic, both as a song and as a comedic sketch.  My favourite verse would have the be the one about the dog.  It’s brilliant:

I was workin’ in the barn, with my ol’ dog Jake

When the wishin’ boot appeared, and I thought, this is a mistake

I walked up to the boot to say everything’s alright

Then the boot pulled out a knife and threatened my life

This was not the wishin’ boot, it was a fake

And suddenly my good ol’ dog began to change shape


It was a wishin’ boot, the real wishin’ boot

The whole dang time that dog had been the boot

Oh wishin’ boot, beautiful and true

You’re so much more than a boot

You’re the wishin’ boot

SNL should definitely continue to produce these musical sketches, as they are often the highlights of their respective episodes.

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