Music Video Monday: Ulay, Oh (How I Became the Bomb)

This one might make you cry.

From 1976 to 1988, Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović built a romantic and professional relationship with German artist, Ulay. In 1988, after years of tension, the two decided to end their relationship, both professional and personal, with one final performance. They walked the length of the Great Wall of China, each starting at the opposite end and meeting in the middle for one final embrace.

Cut to 2010. The two had not seen each other since. New York’s Museum of Modern Art was holding a retrospective on Abramović’s work. During this exhibition, Abramović performed The Artist is Present in which she sat in silence and invited members of the audience to take turns sitting across from her for a minute at a time.

On opening night, Ulay appeared, and the staunch composure that Abramović had thus far shown fell away.

How I Became the Bomb wrote and recorded the song, Ulay, Oh, in response to this and created a video using the footage:

You know, because everyone loves a Monday morning cry.

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