Music Video Monday: Mystery (Hugh Laurie)

I am a big fan of A Bit of Fry & Laurie, the sketch comedy show starring, unsurprisingly, Stephen Fry and High Laurie.  It would be great to see it come back, but I am doubtful that would happen, barring some major tectonics shift.

One of the highlights of each show was Hugh’s song.  They were always very funny and very well performed, and one of my favourites was a song entitled, Mystery:

Now, it’s interesting to see that a few years later, once his star had risen in America with the success of House, Hugh performed the song again.  This second performance, to an American audience who knew him as a more serious actor than a British audience might, had a very different tone to it.  It was still full of humour, but was sung in a more conventional style.

Excuse all the footage badly edited over it, it was the only video I could find:

Again, I’d just love to have Hugh back doing sketches with Stephen, but they have both moved on and have such interesting and varied careers.  Oh well, still got all the old episodes!

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