Music Video Monday (and a Short Rant): Sports Go Sports (Garfunkel and Oates)

I am well known among those who know me well for being thoroughly uninterested in televised sports. Or live sports. Or just sports. My habit of referring to pretty much all sports as “Sportsball” was gleefully revealed to my extended family by my best man during his speech at my wedding. I say revealed, but it wasn’t really a secret. I make no secret of my love of Sportsball and <Local Sports Team>.

This song by Garfunkel and Oates largely sums it up:

This verse is particularly fitting as I sit watching sports coverage in someone else’s house or, and I do object to this, in my own house for the benefit of visitors:

Watching able-bodied millionaires play with each other
Watching less agile millionaire talk about it on TV
May they compile copious points so they are rewarded and meritorious
So you feel temporarily, adjacently victorious

Yeah, I may be a little bitter…

Also, this:


I really don’t see how it’s any ‘better’ to be obsessed with a sports team or just generally watching grown men and women run around and play games on TV than watching some sci-fi, reading a book or playing a video game or board game. I am sick of the double standard that comes with sports.

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