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I have a new post up at NoRerolls.  Here’e a little preview of what you can expect if you pop over and read it:  

Modiphius is the UK based developer of roleplaying games such as Achtung CthulhuConan and Mutant Chronicles, as well as the upcoming Infinity.  On the 10th of May, Modiphius announced their new Frontiers project, which is a series of living campaigns:


The idea of living campaigns is not particularly new.  Games Workshop used to be well known for them, with their Third War for Armageddon campaign for Warhammer 40,000 and their Dark Shadows campaign for Warhammer.  During these campaigns, players were asked to play games and report their results to be factored into the ongoing story.  It was an engaging event because, by simply playing your favourite game, you were helping to shape the narrative of the campaign.  That was pretty cool, and certainly had me spending a lot more time in the Falkirk branch of Games Workshop, back in the day.

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