Modiphius and Corvus Belli Launch Kickstarter for Infinity RPG

Infinity is a game that I have yet to actually try. It is quite big at my local club and I even have some Aleph models sitting built and awaiting spraying. They have been awaiting spraying since early in the summer. They will probably be awaiting spraying until, at the very earliest, mid to late October. I am filled with shame.

Corvus Belli, the amusingly named company behind Infinity is now looking to take advantage on the rich world they have built for their miniatures game by launching a role playing game to accompany it.


This is fantastic news and not at all new. Warmachine and Hordes have long had their Iron Kingdoms game; Malifaux has Through the Breach and both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 have long had accompanying RPG titles. That said, just because something is not necessarily new, original or unprecedented does not mean it cannot be awesome. This could be awesome.

Corvus Belli give a little background:

The Infinity universe was launched by Corvus Belli as a hugely-popular tabletop skirmish game in which sci-fi themed miniatures simulated futuristic battles across the alien battlefronts of Paradiso and the internecine conflicts of the Human Sphere. Before there was a skirmish game, though, there was an RPG: Infinity started life as a homemade RPG setting for the early roleplaying adventures of Corvus Belli founders Alberto, Carlos, Fernando, and Gutier. We’ve been playtesting the Infinity RPG with hundreds of people for the last 9 months, working hard to recapture the excitement of those first sessions and ensure that the feel of the Infinity universe will be captured in your own campaign!

This Kickstarter has funded the production of a beautiful full colour, hardback 368 page core rulebook for the roleplaying game. It will be sent out in PDF in December and the printed books in February 2016. We are also going to fund Faction supplements, campaign, amazing geomorphic tiles, custom dice, accessories, upgrades to increase the content in certain  books and much more.

I like that this RPG will not actually be produced by Corvus Belli alone, but in cooperation with Modiphius, known for their RPG, Achtung! Cthulhu. It is a healthy sign when a company recognises both its strengths and shortcomings and is open to working with others with greater relevant experience to fully realise an idea.


The pledge levels and prices are not ridiculous and the shipping costs are quite reasonable, especially for the UK. Everything is in pounds sterling because that is the only real money, anyway. You can find the Kickstarter page by clicking here. Happy backing!

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