Megalith’s Godslayer Dwarfs Taking Cues from WoW

I’ve just seen pictures of the new Fimbul Toughborns for the game, Godslayer, by Megalith Games.  In layman’s terms, these are dwarfs.  These models specifically seem to be dwarf scouts.  Godslayer  is not a game I am familiar with, but the models seem pretty good:


The first thing I thought when I saw these was how much they reminded me of the Dwarf hunter artwork from World of Warcraft.  The models themselves bear a resemblance to it, and the choice of colour scheme just cements that image.  Take a look and see if you agree:


Switch out the gun for a crossbow and get rid of the bear and you’ve pretty much got the concept art for the miniatures.  I’m not saying the is necessarily a bad thing, as I love the art style that Blizzard use for World of Warcraft and I’d love to have a proper miniatures game based on that property, rather than the pre-painted collectible stuff we have already had).  Megalith have put out some more images of the new miniatures:

They are decent models, and the proportions seem more sensible than the Games Workshop and Avatars of War dwarfs, but ultimately I do prefer the Avatars of War dwarf pathfinders.  Here’s how they look:


I suppose it depends on your view on the proportions of a dwarf, and also your preference in regards to materials and poseability.  The Godslayer miniatures are cast in white metal, consisting probably of only a couple of pieces per miniature, whilst the Avatars of War miniatures are multi-part plastic models with a variety of options in equipment, accessories and poses.  Some people like the latter approach, but I find that although you get lots of choice, it can be fiddly.  Both good sets, but I have my preference.

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