Malifaux: Hired Swords or Sisters Doin’ it for Themselves

In my first completed miniatures of the new year, here are the models from the Hired Swords box for Malifaux:

Not the greatest painting ever, but I’m just glad they’re done, as I like these ladies a lot.  Have played with them a few times and they do not disappoint.  I love how the two Victorias bounce off each other in a whirlwind of destruction.  Their synergy is deep and central to the characters and they work well with the rest of their crew box.

I’d like to expand my model pool for Outcasts soon to give myself more options.  Maybe Tara next?  Or Leviticus?  I will need to do Vanessa and Killjoy, for sure.

As an aside, here’s a work in progress picture as well:

First 7 models of 2018 and now on my way to the 100 model goal I set for myself in my previous post!

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