Malifaux Cheat Sheet

June 23, 2015 Off By Tavendale

Today, I am going to share a really useful resource that I use every time I play Malifaux. This is a cheat sheet that was put together by a member of the Wyrd forums (the user name escapes me, unfortunately). It contains a lot of the information that you really need at your fingertips when playing Malifaux:

Malifaux Cheat Sheet

You can click the image for a closer view, should you want one.

Particularly useful to me are the reminders of the combat total modifiers and the uses for a soulstone, both of which I have a horrible habit of forgetting!

I printed a couple of these off and got them laminated, allowing me to take a dry erase marker to the soulstone and turn trackers, as well as making them a bit harder wearing.

As I said, I use these every time I play Malifaux and they really help me to just keep a better track of what is going on and avoid having to flip through a rulebook during every turn.