Malifaux 2-Player Starter Set Previewed

Much excitement yesterday as Wyrd previewed the box, decks and models from the upcoming two player starter set for Malifaux. Here are our first glimpses of the box and models:



The models look decent if, compared to a lot of Malifaux models, a tad bland. What I do like is that with every model having the ‘mercenary’ characteristic, these models can see use in any faction. I also think that the Guild models, with their hospital theme, would look great in a Guild McMourning crew.

The new fate decks for this set are also very interesting:


First of all, the faction-specific card backs are really nice! The cards seem really legibleĀ compared to some of the others and clearly show whether the card qualifies as weak, moderate or severe. It also includes the rules regarding each of the jokers on the cards themselves. I could definitely see myself using these decks with new players to really make clear what bracket each card falls into.

Wyrds actually published a lot of previews for Malifaux, Through the Breach and more. You can find it all on the Wyrd site, but there are two more images that have me rather excited:


M2E Shifting Loyalties Preview-3

Shifting Loyalties is the next expansion book for Malifaux and, frankly, I can’t wait! The book looks great from the few preview images released and it contains the long-awaited campaign rules. I just wish I had a group who would want to do a campaign! The introduction of the Emissary models is also quite exciting, giving a large centrepiece model for each faction.