Makin’ Cards and Takin’ Names

Over the holidays, I was really impressed by the progress that a friend made on his new website.  I’m not going to link it here yet, as it is still very much in development and although it is definitely playable, there are still some bugs to work out, and I know he would rather iron these out before more people see it.

The site is a playable implementation of the card game, Triple Triad, which originated as a minigame in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VIII.  There have been and still are other sites to do this, but I’m really enthused about this project, as Daniel is a good guy and I really like the attitude he is taking to his site and game.  His work ethic, speed and competence have also been incredible to watch.

My enthusiasm for the project had rekindled my long-held love for this game.  With that in mind, I have dusted off my templates and started putting together some cards of my own.  I have been putting them up on another site which I hope to fill up with my own work and that of other fans in the near future.  Here are a few of the cards I have made over the past couple of days and a link to the blog where you can always see the latest card that I and others have put together:

freyab  freyar  tkujab  tkujar

carbb  carbr  archib  archir

voljinb  voljinr  Sylvanas

If you’re interested in seeing more, you can follow along at:

Triple Triad Cards