Learning to Airbrush in 2018

I spent a decent chunk of time the other night crouching in a corner of the garage with a bag of spray cans and some wee mannies.  This is a big improvement over my previous spray painting setup, as I have a roof over my head and am no longer impeded from painting because of a bit of rain or wind.  I live in the Scottish Highlands, so these limitations were quite… limiting to me.  Outright prohibitive, one might say.  Here’s what I got up to anyway:

Productive!  Most of these were freshly built models that I showed in my hobby updates of last week and a couple of weeks ago.  The miniatures were mostly from Games Workshop, including products from their NecromundaWarhammer 40,000Shadespire and Blood Bowl lines.  There are also some Corvus Belli miniatures from their game, Infinity.

Spray painting, and specifically spray priming is something I’ve always done with my models, but I’m keen to try a different approach and cast aside my old rattle cans in favour of something a little neater and a lot more conducive to breathing.  I know, picky me…

With that in mind, one of my goals for this year is to try my hand at airbrushing.  It represents an alternative to rattle cans, but can also be used more widely, giving more control for some limited shading and gradient work.  I’ve seen lots of great examples of airbrushing online and a few nice example locally.  I’m especially keen to try this on some of the MDF scenery that I will be painting this year in my goal to build both sci-fi and fantasy gaming boards.  I think these will be really suitable for this treatment, and may also be easier to fix if my early experiments with the airbrush go somewhat awry.

I hope to have something to share in the coming months.  I’ve got a wee queue of models at the moment which will get my immediate attention before I move on to experiment with new equipment.  That said, I might still try some basic technique stuff on paper, as well as reading and watching lots of articles and videos to get an idea of what to do.  Exciting times!

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  1. I just started airbrush priming last year, and not going to look back. Too many times I’ve run across the dreaded gritty prime job. With a toddler in the house, hobby time is too limited to have to strip paint after a bad priming job. I’ve got a couple posts about my experiences on my blog, but mainly I would recommend watching this video from Tabletop Minions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwLYShS6SIg&t=286s

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