League of Legends: Exciting Changes for Teemo

I am a big fan of Teemo, the pint-sized, furry-cheeked, poison-slinging scout from League of Legends:


He has long been one of my favourite characters and I love his playstyle. He is a stealthy scout who becomes invisible to the opposing team after a couple of seconds out of combat. He will remain stealthed until he attacks, is his by an attack or affected by an anti-stealth ward or ability. That is his passive ability. My favourite of his active abilities, though it functions as more of a passive that you can toggle on and off, is his ability to coat the darts from his blow-gun with poison and inflict anyone that he hits. He can also blind opponents and increase his movement speed. His ultimate sees him place stealthy exploding mushrooms on the ground that inflict poison and AoE damage to any enemies who tread on them. They are quite annoying.

In all honestly, the whole character is quite annoying. It’s always satisfying to take out an enemy with your poison after you yourself have already died. A bit of vindication, you know?

Well, let the Teemo-trolls rejoice, for the current beta build reveals potential changes coming up for Teemo. In this footage from Surrender at 20, we can see some pretty big changes to the stealth mechanic, allowing Teemo to stealth faster in brush and to remain stealthed while he remains in the brush. This is a big deal, opening up new and devious options for Teemo, particularly for escapes and ganking:

Of course, nothing on the test servers should ever be considered final, but it looks like Teemo players are in for a treat – albeit one that will take a little practice and adjustment of playstyles to really shine.

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