King of New York Powers Up

Both King of New York and Richard Garfield’s earlier game, King of Tokyo, are excellent games.  I’m generally not a fan of dice games, and I find games like Yahtzee to be incredibly dull, but these ones work.  They rely heavily on their Kaiju theme, taking the abstract symbols on a set of dice and mapping them to the actions of a huge monster, rampaging through a major city, taking swipes at other monsters as it goes.  The thing about King of Tokyo was that the game never really felt complete until the first expansion, Power Up.

King of Tokyo Power Up

The Power Up expansion takes the visually cool but functionally identical monsters and gives them each an individual deck of power cards, giving them unique abilities suited to their theme.  It makes the game a lot more interesting, and actually makes your choice of monster a meaningful gameplay decision, rather than just an aesthetic preference.  It completes the game experience.

King of New York

King of New York expands upon the basic formula of King of Tokyo, adding destructible buildings and human military units for an extra layer of complexity.  It’s great, but we are back to the same old problem from the original King of Tokyo release.  The monsters are functionally identical cardboard cutouts.  Iello, the publisher of King of New York, is addressing this issue by releasing another expansion.

King of New York Power Up

They have just released preview art for their King of New York: Power Up expansion.  Iello have the set up for preorder at $19.99, meaning that the UK price will likely be somewhere between £15 and £20.  I doubt we will ever get equitable pricing between the US and UK.  This will be a must-buy for me, as King of New York gets a lot of play in my various groups.  Here’s a snap of a game in progress at the local club:

King of new York

No release date is available as of yet, but I am eagerly awaiting this expansion to really complete my King of New York game experience.

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