Keeping On Keeping On

The past few months haven’t seen a whole lot of activity on the blogging front, and the hobby front itself has also been up and down.  It’s been a busy few months on several other fronts and something had to give.

I did manage to finish off my 1000 points of Tzeentch Daemons and, a couple of little tweaks aside, I’m quite happy with them.  I’ve started painting some Infinity models and some Nurgle mortals next, but the momentum has been somewhat lost.  

On the board game front, a fair few GMT titles have made their way from the p500 list to my collection (Space Empires, Colonial Twilight, 1960) along with a few other titles, such as Clank, 13 Minutes and Hero Realms.  Clank has been a big hit.  I love it, my wife loves it and It’s seen a fair bit of play at the local club.  

I’ve picked up a couple of RPGs recently, but I’ve not been successful in getting game going for quite a while.  Hoping to change this in November and I’m hoping to have some cool pictures to share soon on that front.  I’ve also recently ordered the new edition of Paranoia, so looking forward to that arriving soon!  

The biggest thing is have going on right now is bringing a bit of order to my collection as I settle into my new house and make the most of my new, dedicated space for my games and hobbies.  Hoping to share pictures of that space as it comes together.  

Hopefully I will be putting a bit more on here in coming months, particularly fillingvout the collection section with pics of models and armies.  

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