Infinity Terminus Segments Kickstarter from Micro Art Studio

There are a lot of really great, very differently-themed skirmish games available at the moment.  This is wonderful.  What is less wonderful, is that the difference in miniature style mandates a difference in terrain.  Or it does if you’re a compulsive hoarder, which I do think many miniature gamers are.  For Batman, you want a dense, urban jungle.  For Frostgrave, you want snow-covered fantasy terrain.  For Malifaux, you want just about any damn thing, with their steampunk, horror, wild-west mish-mash of themes.  For Infinity, you want clean, anime-inspired sci-fi, and that is what my favourite Polish miniatures company, Micro Art Studio, is providing in their new Kickstarter:

I love this stuff.  Micro Art have been doing Infinity terrain for a while, but this represents a huge expansion in their offerings.  There are a few nice, little sets at very reasonable prices, particularly the Transport Services set and the Flower Beds set, both pictured above.  As usual with these terrain Kickstarters, there are some really gorgeous large sets available.  The two levels for larger sets seem to be priced at around $250 and $450, with industrial and residential options.  To my mind, the residential option is the better of the $250 options:


I love the vehicles!  The buildings and the modular mat are both great, but the vehicles are really unique to this campaign.

Regarding the more expensive pledge levels, the $450 Industrial zone is great.  It’s very cluttered, and features a good-sized warehouse and raised walkways:



Like many of these campaigns, the decent bundles are very expensive, but absolutely gorgeous.  I think you get a decent bang for your buck, and it’s nice to have reasonable postage to the UK, due to the company being based in Poland.  There have been so many Kickstarter campaigns that I have just refused to back on the basis of ridiculous postage to the UK.  As it happens, I won’t be backing this one as I just can’t justify the cost – more’s the pity.

Micro Art put out good products, and I have used several myself.  You can click here to visit the campaign and make a pledge.

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