Image Dump: First Play of DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Last night, at the Northern Nights games club, I tried my hand at DC Comics Deck-Building Game for the first time.  Being familiar with – and in love/lust with – Dominion, I was quite comfortable with this game as it is fundamentally very similar to Dominion, the originator of the deck-building genre.

DC Deckbuilding 1

The game flowed very well and we played two games.  The first used the core set, with me getting The Flash to play as.  It was a lot of fun!  For the second game, we shuffled in the Arrow expansion, based on the excellent TV show.  This game was still good, but I did not like the new mechanism it introduced, so I definitely preferred the first game.  I ended up coming second in both games, each of which ran with four players.

Here are a few photos I snapped as we played:



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