I Revisted Left 4 Dead 2 for a Lesson in Abject Failure

I like Left 4 Dead 2. It’s a good game. I’m not the biggest fan of shooters in general, and I am not great at them, but I remember getting into a good rhythm with this particular title. Revisiting the game for the first time in a couple of years has shown me that said rhythm requires careful maintenance. I had a go at one of the campaigns and died reasonably quickly through some rather stupid actions. I happened to be recording, just to make my embarrassment that much more tangible.


As a quick heads-up, this video contains blood and gore and zombies and failure:

I swithered over a single player game or hopping online. I’m glad I went with single player. There may have been people to carry me online, but I don’t think I’d have enjoyed the abuse that my performance would have prompted from them…

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